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This Web site has one purpose and one purpose only - to see that justice comes to Scott Loper. The site was created and is maintained by Aaron Russo's Restore The Republic.

We are staunch supports of the right to individual privacy. Any personal information you enter on this site will never be sold or given to any third-party individuals or organizations with the exception of e-mail you may send to your congressional representative or other communication with officials involved or with authority in the Scott Loper Case. We will always state prominently the recipients of these e-mails. The specifics of what information we do and do not collect are provided below:

E-mails to Congress, the State Department and other government parties.

We provide an e-mail form to contact public officials. This e-mail will contain your contact information, including your e-mail address. This information is important as, without that contact information, your letter may be ignored by these officials. Some of them may even wish to respond to you.

When you send out one of these e-mails, a copy, along with your e-mail address is also sent to an administrator at The only purpose for this transmission is to guard against abuse of the e-mail form on the Web page. These e-mails will be occasionally checked and deleted within 15 days. Your address will not be retained for any other purpose by Restore The Republic.

"Follow This Story" Mailing List

When you sign up to the "Follow This Story" mailing list, your name and e-mail address will be stored by Restore The Republic to keep you informed on events relating to the Scott Loper case. This information will not be used for any other purpose.


Although we are currently not doing so, may, in the future, use browser "cookies" to store information. If we do implement this technology, at no time will it be to store personal information. Cookies are occasionally handy to aid in Web site navigation - such as returning you to a previous page or saving information for your reuse. These events can usually be done with "session" cookies, which are deleted when you leave the site.

Should you have any further questions concerning our policies, please send an e-mail to

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